GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/5] favourite singers → Lady Gaga.

I am focused on the work. I am constantly creating. I am a busy girl. I live and breathe my work. I love what I do. I believe in the message. There’s no stopping. I didn’t create the fame, the fame created me..

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Lady Gaga | performing Judas.

6th April+ 33
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I’m just a holy fool.

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Lady Gaga | perfoming at David Letterman Show.

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Lady Gaga | Porter Magazine.

2nd April+ 24
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Lady Gaga | outside the Roseland Ballroom.

31st March+ 12

And then, there’s my uncle who met Gaga last night and sent the photos to me.

So, let me die alone here in a corner.

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Lady Gaga | Roseland Ballroom.

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